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JS Photography specializes in landscape and city photography, based out of Southern California. Our founder and primary photography, Ron Schwartz, named the company after his wife and best friend, Janice. The photographs on this site strive to capture the essence of the cities - whether it be a sunrise over the beach or the Las Vegas strip at night. There's beauty in the everyday life of a city. 

Sadly, Ron passed away in May 2020 before he was able to realize his dream of sharing his art with a larger community. His love and light was a constant source of inspiration for his family. He taught us the value of hard work, humility, gratitude and to never give up on our dreams. 

Our dream now is to honor Ron and his work and help realize his dream, now our dream. We have added new edits of Ron's photos and some additions from his youngest daughter. 

Thank you for helping to keep Ron's memory and dream alive!

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